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Practice Areas

Protos Healthcare delivers upon your specific requirements and our team specializes in the positions that you need filled the most. Across North America, we provide Hospice, Home-Health, and Hospital organizations with unparalleled reach across service lines and functionalities. Our collaborative, highly-skilled, dedicated healthcare recruiters expertly deliver upon your executive search with speed, discretion, and results that will exceed expectations and produce lasting results.



Being a leading provider in end-of-life care requires hiring Sr. Leadership and Clinical Management Executives that will ensure the delivery of Hospice Care with clinical excellence, extraordinary service and compassionate care, while improving the quality of lives of those you serve. 


Business Development helps your organization drive patient census growth and improve your company's visiblitily in the community, while also improving financial performance.


Hospice Care is our passion, and Protos wants to see you do it well. We share your commitment to attracting and acquiring the very best Sr. Leadership, Clinical Management, and Business Development talent.


Senior Leadership


Protos' Senior Leadership recruiting services help drive your organization's financial and operational results.


Executive Leadership recruitment requires local and regional expertise, national reach, and the will and dedication towards finding the precise candidate to meet the needs of our hiring partners time and time again. We have it all.


We will help you hire the ideal people for your Senior Leadership team and your business. A few of these key roles:



  • Medical Director

  • RVP and AVP of Operations

  • VP of Quality Assurance and Improvement

  • Administrator,Executive Director

  • General Manager, Program Director




When it really matters, the products and services that your organization offers can have a lasting, positive impact on people's lives as well as their families. Care that you provide in the home helps promote better health and an improved quality of life.


As a leader in the home-health industry, you deliver care for your patients through a national or regional network of care program locations. Employing a driven, dedicated, knowledgeable Senior Executive and Clinical Leadership Team that effectively manages operations and helps your organization deliver the highest level of care to patients in your communities separates you from your key competitors. Your Business Development team agrees.


It is your people behind your products and services that make the biggest difference. We will present you with ideal candidates that are already leading the way.





Business Development


A leader among healthcare executive search firms, Protos helps build Sales and Marketing teams who exceed their numbers and drive your financial growth.

Business Development impacts your revenue perhaps more than any other component of your company. Our recruitment experts know where and how to find the players you want leading your organization in the field. Everyone is looking for the very best in sales recruiting. It starts with sales leadership and extends to every individual on the team - this is our focus: 


  • VP of Business Development

  • RVP of Sales and Marketing

  • Area Sales Manager

  • Director of Business Development

  • Account Executive, Sales Representative and Community Liaisons




As a leading Hospital, your organization is committed to excellence in patient care, research, education and community service. 


Your facilities include acute-care and community hospitals, continuum-of-care programs, ambulatory sites, and specialty institutes committed to providing high-quality, cost-effective, and accessible care to the communities you serve.


Senior Leadership and Clinical Management help your health system deliver the exceptional services that are expected from a highly regarded medical institution. We understand what you are seeking in new employees - quality professionals who are natural leaders. People that inspire and are dedicated and that have that passion and foresight for your organization and their profession. Protos Healthcare helps Hospitals find the best and delivers them quickly.


Clinical Management


Protos Healthcare goes above and beyond the call of duty to help your organization build Clinical Leadership teams that deliver extraordinary care to patients. Nurses are the lifeblood of healthcare, Clinical Management team members are the heart.


Protos provides Hospice, Home-Health, and Hospital organizations with employees that are ingrained with excellence and innovation. We find candidates that are natural leaders and that have proven experience implementing nursing initiatives to improve patient outcomes while collaborating easily with different members of your health care team.


Clinical management recruitment is what we do best. Let's get going on these openings: 


  • Patient Care Director

  • Medical Director, Nurse Practitioner

  • Patient Care Administrator

  • Director of Nursing, Clinical Director

  • Patient Care Manager, Team Manager

  • Physical Therapist

  • Physician Assistant



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