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Who We Are
Hospice Recruitment, Home-Health Recruiting, Hospital Recruitment
Hospice Recruitment, Home-Health Recruiting, Hospital Recruitment
Our Mission Statement


We will strive to help Hospice, Home-Health, and Hospital organizations that have maintained a committment to excellence and to delivering the highest quality of care to patients in their communities, attract and hire the absolute best candidates for their Senior Leadership, Business Development, and Clinical Management Openings. 


We will work tirelessly until we provide our search partners and hiring companies with three ideal candidates for consideration per position engagement.  


We will do our very best to help good people find great careers with organizations that have deservedly earned the respect and admiration of others.


We will always act with honesty and integrity and the intention to do the right thing for the right reason at the right time.

Our Firm


Healthcare Recruiting Excellence


Protos Healthcare extends your reach to passive candidates that are off the grid and aren't actively seeking new employment opportunities.  It isn't news to anyone that your first interview should be with the ideal candidate that has the proven history of advancement, achievement, and current success over at your key competitor.  Are they?  Why not? Let's get them on your calendar.


Career Board Ads and Social Media activites alone can sometimes lead to hiring an exceptional candidate.  No question about it.  But how often?  What is the opportunity cost of not being able to select the best available candidate on every search?


We provide our client-partners with the confidence that the absolute best candidates are being considered on every search while also reducing their recruitment costs and time-to-fill.  For Senior Leadership and Hiring Managers that want access to those difficult-to-reach, ideal candidates that aren't actively posting on career boards or visible on social media sites, you need to contact our team.


Over the past decade, Protos Healthcare, one of North America's leading, retained Healthcare Recruitment firms, has built a reputation for quality, specialized service. As our company has grown and increased its reach, we have maintained a commitment to high performance and unsurpassed industry knowledge. We offer client companies and candidates personal service, confidentiality, and the most ethical, professional standards in the recruiting industry. As a result, each year we place the most qualified individuals within positions at leading organizations in Hospice, Home-Health, and Hospital industries.



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